Stichting Griekse Cultuur Filotechnia

Filotechnia (Φιλοτεχνία, [φίλος- τεχν (τέχνη) -ία]) means friend of the arts and the crafts; the arts of the goddess Athena and the crafts of the god Hephaistos. Filotechnia is the place to discover the Greek roots of our surroundings and to discuss the different ways in which people interpret them.

The foundation aims at:

  • motivating artists, authors, cultural creators and scientists to participate in the international dialogue for cultural exchange
  • encouraging an active and dynamic participation of the Greek Culture in the international arts and culture scene
  • promoting the ideas of mutual understanding, peace and co-operation between nations
  • reaching a wide audience across Europe and beyond


In order to realize its aims the Filotechnia foundation

  • organizes exhibitions, conferences, seminars, competitions and other events inspired by the Greek culture
  • initiates ventures in Greece and the Netherlands for cultural and artistic co-operation and co-production
  • participates in networks for the exchange of ideas and cultural co-operation ‘beyond borders’

Logo Filotechnia

Stichting Griekse Cultuur Filotechnia
Muzenstraat 1 2511 VW, Den Haag Nederland
tel.: +31(0)70 4273743
mob.: +31(0)616 159685
KvK 412140458
Bank Account: NL80 ABNA 0549903178


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